Q&A center

  • 1. What quality system does SURTEC use?

    SURTEC is ISO 9001/TL 9000 and ISO 14000 verified.
  • 2. What product certificates can SURTEC provide?

    Most SURTEC products are UL communication verified and safety listed. Some of the products are verified by ETL, Delta and 3P for different market segment requests.
  • 3. What does SURTEC manufacture?

    SURTEC manufactures Network Structured Cabling Passive Components. (Copper connecting hardware and accessories only with no cable manufacturing)
  • 4. Regarding CAT 5e, CAT 6 and CAT 6A performance,

    Channel, to be explained in the field of structured cabling, is the end-to-end cabling link from an active device, such as an Ethernet hub or switch, to the network interface of a personal computer, printer, fax machine, or other networked device. A part of the channel link is the Permanent Link. As the name implies, components used in permanent link are rarely changed, for they are usually hidden in the wall, up in the ceiling, or under the floor. And last, for connecting hardware, this simply refers to the component in the link that connects, such as keystone jacks, patch cords, or other connectors involved.
    When it comes to performance, product guaranteed for channel performance simply means that it works well with specified components in the channel link. For Permanent Link, as there are less components involved, each component needs to have better performance to ensure the link will work well. The same explanation can be applied to Connecting Hardware performance. In another words, the shorter the link of the product which is guaranteed, the higher the performance is.
    Per the TIA/EIA-568-C.2 series of standards, Channel performance and Permanent Link can be tested using FLUKE field testers, while Connecting Hardware testing requires a more precise Network Analyzer (NA). Listed by the strictness of the performance tests, the Connecting Hardware testing is the strictest set of tests, followed by the Permanent Link testing and then the Channel testing.
  • 5. How do I tell if my supplier is claiming connec

    The supplier must have the ability to conduct professional connecting hardware testing Network Analyzer(NA). Please note that connecting hardware testing can not be conducted using any type of Fluke Tester so far developed. The supplier needs to provide NA test reports or connecting hardware certificates as proofs.
    For CAT 6 products, when it comes to mass production, it is impossible to guarantee 100% connecting hardware performance on every connector shipped. Since it takes at least 2 hours to conduct the connecting hardware tests or each component, they cannot be included as an inspection process for mass production. Instead, SURTEC has come up with a reliable testing method. We use a 15M short permanent link as the worst case and test a percentage of our production with FLUKE testers as used by field installers.
  • 6. If our company has its own design of products,

    Yes! SURTEC has long specialized in designing and manufacturing cabling products of our own design. We also welcome OEM partners to use our factory as their own. SURTEC is always looking for opportunities to work with brand owners to build their product lines using our factory for good quality and reliability. We are always willing to welcome new partners.
  • 7. What should I do regarding patent issues around

    Patent infringement issues happen all the time, it is difficult to know about and prevent all patent infringement because there are thousands of patents being published every day around the world. Since more and more countries focus on Intellectual Property Protection, it is getting more and more important to see if suppliers have a system, the ability and knowledge of the patent procedures to be able to work with customers when being challenged. It is also important that suppliers apply for patents when having a new design for customers.
  • 8. Can I use SURTEC‘s services even if do not work

    Yes, you can. Based on SURTEC’s various manufacturing processes, (ex. stamping, SMT, injection, etc.) we are always looking for opportunities to serve more customers in a variety of industries.




“ We not only manufacture;
we realize our customers’ ideas and designs. ”

In addition to SURTEC standard product lines (OEM), SURTEC’s is also experienced in designing products based on our customer’s needs and ideas. (ODM) Having sufficient human resources and various engineering software available, SURTEC is your best choice for working on your own branded products and solutions.