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Antibacterial / Antimicrobial plastic 

These days people are very concerned with the spread of diseases. To help stop the spread of bacteria, Surtec can produce parts with plastic materials that are anti-bacterial. These parts help to eliminate the spread of bacteria by including an anti-bacterial additive in the plastic which helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria. In public spaces and in the home these products can help curb the spread of diseases and help to keep everyone healthy. In today’s environment that can provide a level of comfort that was not achievable only a few years ago.
To let you know that these are not just words on a web page, we have also done testing of our products to the ISO 22196 standard /JIS Z 2801 standard “Measurement of antibacterial /Antimicrobial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces”
Go with products - U.S. Type Wall plates and Regional Wall plates – which can be made using Antibacterial /Antimicrobial materials and you can rest easy knowing that surfaces that are touched frequently by many hands are standing guard against the spread of disease.